Premium Wild Freshwater Fish

  • Walleye
  • Lake Trout
  • White Fish
  • Northern Pike Lion Cuts
  • All Natural Goodness Fron Cold Clear Northern Waters

Best Practice Ensured Farmed Fish

  • Atlantic Salmon
  • Arctic Char
  • Steel Head Salmon
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Sourced From Secure Eco-Friendly Closed Containment Farms

We Help Create Productive Business

  • Establishing Markets For Producers
  • Sourcing Quality Products For Buyers
  • Creating New Markets
  • Increasing Consumer Awareness
  • Expertise In Quality Control Planning, Monitoring And Reporting

Connecting Seafood Suppliers with Wholesale Markets

Arctic Char Dinner Plate

North Catch 360 Fish Brokers

Sustainability, quality and traceability are the key values of our company and the suppliers we do business with.…

Delivering Solutions To Help your Fish Business Expand

  • Preformance Based Services

    The main role of our company is to act as an agent for fish producers and seafood product distributors seeking increased markets.…

  • Consumer Awareness Development Actions

    We help foster increased consumer awareness of responsible seafood via social media engagement and delivering regular fresh internet content.…

  • Facility - Product Regulatory Compliance Consulting

    We have the experience required to help your company establish quality management programs and ensure regulatory compliance.…

Sustainable Seafood Choices from Fisheries and Aquaculture

The North Catch 360 mission is to develop lasting supply-demand relationships for our clients while helping to deliver the fresh taste of high quality seafood into a wider marketplace. At North Catch 360 we understand the ever-changing needs of the seafood distribution system and trends in consumer demand. The seafood business today is not only about quality but it’s also about being socially and environmentally responsible. Sustainability is a core value applied to all aspects of our mission.

High Quality fish from Closed Contained Farms